Managing back pain

Oh, your aching back!


The bad news is that back pain is estimated to affect eight out of ten people in the UK during the course of their lifetime and is one of the top reasons for people taking time off work.


The good news is that nine out of ten instances of lower back pain can be dealt with successfully without surgery - even though most instances tend to recur within a year.


The sudden onset of a back problem is usually due to some sort of misadventure, like a sports injury or tripping up, or not being careful enough when you pick up a heavy box or shovel snow. 


Or perhaps you have some kind of mechanical issue.  There are a lot of moving parts in there, and it’s not uncommon for one of them to stop working efficiently.  Problems with a vertebra, a disc or one of the nerves that run through them can cause mild symptoms or put you out of action for days.


Of course it’s also possible that it could be a more serious chronic condition which causes back pain, such as arthritis, kidney stones or fibromyalgia.  Even though proper medical help is required for these types of complaints, temporary pain relief is an all-important part of your recovery.


Thermotherapy - the use of heat for pain relief - is commonly used in treating back pain.  Hotteeze Heat Pads are so easy to use!  Just peel off the outer layer, stick them to your T-shirt next to where you’re feeling the discomfort and you’ll have at least 12 hours of heat.

That heat will help to stretch the muscles and relax them to the point where they can start to ease back into a more natural position.

Blood vessels in the skin and in the muscles are dilated by the heat, which increases the the blood flow to the pain area.  This raises the level of oxygen and nutrients and helps the body to repair damaged tissue.  What a relief!


You don’t have to worry about having to plug them in or put them in a micro-wave and you don’t have to rush home and run a bath to get a break from that nagging pain.  Hotteeze are light-weight and will even fit into a pocket if you aren’t carrying a bag. 


How convenient is that?